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Standing here looking at a ditch 30’ x 70’ on an African plain looks rather desolate unless you have been going there 17 years with a vision one day a building could be built that would create a learning center to help families for hundreds of miles and many lives for generations to come. Here you see the foundation for the Maasai Sewing Center and Co-op in Ngoswani, Kenya. The vision is filled with future lives being helped becauseof what God provided for them, throughthose that are giving, those going, and thosepraying to start with and continuing still....17 years ago this was a “T” in the road toLoita Hills where Threads of Hope first began. Now a community is growing. It wasan original concept of Dr Marty Graber we met back in those first years. Nothing muchwas in Ngoswani 7 years ago when we first were invited by Dr. Graber and Maasai pastor William Luka to bring a team there. In 2004 the Threads of Hope team prayed for basic needs; water, health, education, food,clothing. Now there is a clinic, a new church ,toreplace the old one we preachedin (a mud hut 20’ x 20’ ) school rooms, and now, the extended project has been located to.......<<<<

Praise the Lord! After 5 months the container we sent in November to Kenya arrived intact on the project site.  We shared this load with Dr. Graber, sending sewing machines, including some commercial ones and additional sewing related equipment and supplies, hospital equipment for the new Maternal Health Care Center also. We also sent a generator and electrical equipment for the building. The container remains for storage. We plan to travel to Kenya at the end of June through the first part of July.. We will set up the sewing machines and put finishing touches on the new building, meet with our African team to get ready to open the center. Our travel budget for this 18 day mission trip is $3,300.  A generous supporter furnished airfare for us. Praise the Lord!

God bless you for helping establish this wonderful project. The Maasai are so excited about it, and so are we! To God Be the Glory

Other needs we have for the project are:

1. Six solar panels $300 each  needed to run the electric sewing machines. (some are foot pedal)
2. 20 scholarships $250 each for widows to learn to sew, taking these skills back to their villages along with the “Word of God”

3. A propane operated refrigerator $600 ( we will purchase in Kenya.)

4. A water storage tank to catch rain water. $1,500. 5. A deep well for the project estimated $15,000.

6.Monthly support for Threads of Hope ministry.

Checks should be made to Missionary Ventures, in the memo put Al Barrett Threads of Hope. Address below.

This project is now poised for us to bring and send teams for continued support for the widowsand orphans in Maasailand thatwill create this sustainable outreach run by African Maasai.

Rom 15:13

“May the God of peace fill you
with a hope we that you may  overflow with hope as you trust in Him through the power of the Holy Spirit”

Blessings, Al and Gail

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